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vRops Super Metric to find for % of Memory capacity remaining


I need to create a vrops SM - Provisioned Memory/Utilized Memory. I tried with below SM, but am not getting it's correct value or not. Can anybody let me know these SM is right / wrong,

if it's wrong give me updated SM.

sum(${this, metric=mem|consumed|consumer.capacity.background})/sum(${this, metric=mem|consumed|actual.capacity})/1024*1024*1024

(sum(${this, metric=mem|host_provisioned})/sum(${this, metric=mem|alloc|base.demand}))/1024*1024*1024


Ganesh Shastri.

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Your question does not match what you are trying to do with the SM

In the question you are looking for the % of memory capacity remaining but you SM examples you are trying to divide by multiple 1024 which would suggest the SM is using KB based metric.

If you are looking for the capacity remaining in % based on consumed memory there is a metric for that <Metric attrkey="mem|consumed|capacityRemaining"

if this is not what you are after can you give a bit more detail.

  1. What object are you looking to get the info back on (CDC, Cluster, Host or all)
  2. Can you word out what you are after ( i want the total memory available in a cluster and take away .....)
  3. Do you want to use consumed, allocation or demand.
  4. Do you want to take into consideration the HA/buffers in you policy during the calculation.
  5. Can you give the display name of the metric you are after not the metric name (easier to see what you are using)
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