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vRealize Operations Manager monitor Windows cluster, cluster roles/resources and shares in cluster roles/resources

We have several Windows File Servers in a cluster configuration.

On these File Servers several cluster roles/resources (disks) have been defined and within these roles/resources several shares exist (like the home folder for the users on our network).

Via the the epops agent (we're using vrops 7.5 and have not yet made the move to the Telegraph agents) I can monitor the FileServer Mount metrics for the disks defined as cluster roles/resources however these are drive letters that can change once the role/resource is moved to another file server (i.e. cluster node).

To be more accurate we would like to monitor the disks using a unique identifier so once it is moved to another cluster node we're still monitoring the same disk or monitor the shares defined within the different cluster roles/resources.

Any got an idea?

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I'm not sure if that is possible. If you check the metrics of those roles/resources. Do you see a unique ID under all properties/summary? If that's the case then you could try to build an environment around that ID.

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