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vRealize Operations Licensing Queries


I am going through a lot of confusions to cover the licensing of vRealize Operations and I am writing them down in the form of bullet points so someone could help me understand the different scenarios.

  1. One of my customer is already using vSphere standard and vCenter in their environment and now wants to have vRealize Operations as the monitoring tools for their environment. what are the options available for the customer to license vRealize Operations? please explain the scenarios for all 3 editions.
  2. If we purchase a vRealize Operations 25 VM License (any of the 3 editions), since the vRealize Operations connect to vCenter and all the hosts connected to vCenter have 30 VMs, how will vRealize Operation license the VMs in this case? and which VMs will be monitored and which ones will not?
  3. If a customer wants to have vSphere Standard and along with it vRealize Operations, what are the licensing options.
  4. If a customer purchases vSOM acceleration kit (the only vSOM acceleration kit available now is vSphere Enterprise plus + vRealize Operations Standard) which is per-CPU license and afterwards add another node to the cluster, how will they be able to license the 4th host for vSphere Enterprise plus as well as vRealize Operations since there is no CPU-based license available for standard vRealize Operations standalone (or is there?)

I hope somebody helps me out in understanding the above mentioned licensing scenarios. Thanks

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1>It depends  on what vsphere license he is using .

If its only vsphere license then that cannot be applied for vrops instance.

If its vsphere with vrops licence then it can be applied, OR they have to Buy a new license .

There are three editions of vRealize Operations Manager: Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.

vRealize Operations Manager Standard

vRealize Operations Manager Advanced

vRealize Operations Manager Enterprise

2>vrops license will be applied or used per OSI basis .

See below article for all kind of license and how it is applied:

Product Licensing - Vmware Support

3>IT Operations Management | vRealize Operations | IN  this will answer you .

4>You may have to buy a new license .

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Thanks for your responses. From your answers I have understood the following:

1. The customer has vSphere Standard and not vSOM which I mentioned in my OP as well. The customer wants to have vROps now and it's about which License model is available to buy. From the link you provided it means that

For vRealize Operations Standard per OSI instance license will have to be purchased, which leads to my 2nd query.

For vRealize Operations Advanced, per-CPU and per OSI instance license is available

Fore vRealize Operations Enterprise, per OSI instance license is available

2. I understand that the License is per OSI basis, but it's still unclear how does it get applied since vROps connect to vCenter using the vCenter Adapter and once vCenter is connected the data collection starts from all the hosts and VMs. In that case how does the license get applied when the customer's vCenter has 3 hosts running 30 VMs and they've purchased a 25 OSI instance Pack. how many licenses will have to be purchased if I want to cover monitoring of Datacenter, vCenter, ESXi hosts, VMs, Datastore, networking etc. and how does the OSI license pack applies in this case.

3. I understand that in order to purchase vSphere standard and vRealize Operations standard, vSphere standard will have to be purchased on per-CPU basis and vRealize Operations on per OSI basis.

4. Yes a new license will have to be purchased but what will be the licensing model for that new purchase considering that previously the customer had purchased vSOM acceleration kit that is CPU-based license for 3 hosts and a vCenter instance.

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