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vROps Report - Failed for views with no data

Hi all,

          I am doing the following.

Create views for top Alerts.


1- Alert(s) - Top Critical

2- Alert(s) - Top Immediate

3- Alert(s) - Top Warning

4- Alert(s) - Top Info

So, if I generate a preview using "vSphere World" as a source everything is working fine... and if there is no alert for one of these.. it just show "no data to show"

However.. if I create a report... and put these 4 views in the report and ran a report against "vSphere World".. it will works fine if there are at least 1 alert for each.

if one alert level has no alerts...the whole report fails..


I also found out that if I create a view for alert rollup the same way I do for the 4 above.. but select all 4 levels.... if one has no alert.. the generation of the preview fails... (See images)

I also had no info alert at some point and it was also failing,.. but when removing the info from the reports it worked without issue.

Any idea about this would be appreciated...



Does not works (when adding immediate which has 0 alerts as of now)

Does not works.jpg

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Jonathan77,

Couple questions for you...

1. What version of vROps?

2. Are those OOTB Views that you've put into a single Report?

I can attempt to reproduce this, and observe the behavior.

Also, ensure you're running the Report off the vSphere World Object located under "vSphere Hosts and Clusters" and not "Custom Groups", the "Custom Groups" vSphere World object does not have the actual associations created to Report on all vSphere objects.


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Hi.. thanks for the reply.

Version is 7

Views, I create them for top alert...

For example for Critical alerts

1- Name

Alert(s) - Top Critical

2- Presentation


Items per page: 50

Top result count: 10

3- Subject

Alerts Rollup

4- Data


Affected Resource Count

Affected Resource Percent

Time Setting

Last 7 days


Criticality Level is Critical

5- Availability

As per default....

Dashboards, Reports and Details tab are all checked

No blacklist object

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Try using "vSphere Hosts and Clusters" vSphere World Object


I only have a 7.5 environment on hand, which the Report looks to run successfully, based upon your specifications.


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Just tried...


No luck...

Reports generation failed.


View does not display when immediate is selected. if I remove immediate.. then I get data.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

So, I don't believe the Filter actually applies when running the Report - just for the Preview.

I also do not see any Hotfixes related to this issue for 7.0.

Is there a way to attach the exported Report to this thread so I can ensure I have an exact copy? If you're able to upgrade to 7.5, we could see if it works then?


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