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vROPS -> alert basis, time changed: incorrect date (CIS compliance alerts)

When I go to Troubleshoot -> Alerts,   I see all my alerts.

The 'Created on' seems to be correct.  Correct date and time.

When I click on an alert, I get see the details.

On top I see 'started on', which shows the correct date (current example: Feb 14, 2022 4:47:05 PM)

Under Alert basis, when I click on the symptom, is shows 'Time Changed' and Property Value.  The date there is incorrect and the time is correct.  It seems that the date is one week behind (current example:: Feb 7, 2022 4:47:05 PM)

Is this normal and if not, how can I correct this?

Time and date settings on the vROPS servers are correct.

NTP servers are being used.

All other times and dates throughout vROPS are correct.

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