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vROPS and OpeGenie integration

HAs anyone had any luck on getting their vROPs instance to send out alerts to OpsGenie?  We use that for our on-call notifications.  I've had some luck with a very basic alert going from vROPS to OG, but It seems like the formatting of the payload is very finicky.  The other problem I've run into is when that alert closes, I just get an additional notification from OG and its not closing out the alert,  

If anyone has any experience with this, I would love to pick your brain for a while on it. 

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I haven't done anything with OpeGenie. But I did build a API translator for TopDesk using Node-Red.

Have vROps send an API call to Node-Red. Then in Node-Red you change the JSON body to whatever is suitable for OG. If the ticket is closed in OG you send an API call back to Node-Red. Again have Node-Red change the JSON body to whatever is suitable for vROps to close the alert in vROps.

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