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vROPS PING statistic


I have a question regarding vROPS and PING. 

First, for every object in vROPS there is a Ping Statistic showing "Ping monitoring is not enabled for this Cloud Account." Does this have anything to do with VMware vRealize Ping solution? Is there a way to automatically enable that statistic for every object discovered in vROPS (VMs and hosts). 


VMware vRealize Ping solution once enabled needs IP range or XML configured. I tested few subnets with XML and it works. If i put every subnet we are using is there a way to link it with VMs discovered in vROPS (Ping Statistics showed above)?

Thank you.

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Yeah that would be awesome! But I don't think it is possible right now.

The ping solutions creates different objects (per IP). While vROps uses different objects for VMs. So I don't think there is a way to have those merge into 1. You will need to enable the ping stats on a per object base...

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