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vCOps : In 'UCS ALERTS' widget there are some buttons whose functionality is not working properly.


In the vCOps application, we had the configure the Adapter Dashboard along with the Adapter instance. In the Dashboard we are having the Alert widget on which we are displaying the fault/events of different resource kind.

Now we required some information regarding the 'Different buttons" available on Alert Widget.

These buttons are having different operation as name suggest "Display filtering criteria", "Open in External Application", "Reset grid sort", "Reset interaction", "perform multi-select interaction", "Cancel Alerts", "Suppress, and Suspend".

Some these are working but we are not getting the effect of their operations. For Example - 'Take Ownership' and 'Release Ownership' is working but not reflecting the correct behavior in fault-grid according to vCOps application.

This is same in the "ALERT OVERVIEW" page. There are other menu items which are having same operations as above, but functionality is not clear.


Kindly suggest, how we can perform the operation using these button and would able to see the outcome of these operations.

Best Regards,

Saurabh Agarwal

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