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Widget ineractions issue in the dashboard

Hi all,


I have in a dashboad:

- one container overview which is a list of some custom groups

- object list set to show VM.

Each custom group contains clusters. What I want to get is when I click on a name of group, I want to have the list of all the virtual machines in these clusters in the object list. But I dont get them. The interaction in the dashboard does not work.


Any Idea?

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I just tested it and it worked for me. I created 2 groups, group1 and group2, containing the respective descendants of Cluster1 and Cluster2. I checked in the preview, that VM objects are included. Then I added a container overview and an object list. Set filter in the object list to show objects of VM type only. Created interaction (child). See screenshots:

1) Created group


2) Checked VMs are included in the preview:


3) Created a new dashboard with container overview and object list. Checked children mode and object filter for VMs:


4) Now when I select the container it shows VMs:


Most common errors:  Child mode is not selected, Filter not properly set, interaction not saved. Hope this is helpful!