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Virtual Machine View filtered based on Custom Group

Hi All, I am trying to create a view that lists a bunch of metrics for virtual machines, but want to limit it to the virtual machines in a custom group. I have already created multiple custom groups with the required vm's and was going to create multiple views for each of those custom groups, then place all the views into a report. However I can't seem to filter a view based on custom group name? any ideas? I couldn't find a property or metric under the virtual machine object that associates to the group, nor does the custom group expose the name of the group as a property or metric (by adding the custom group object as a secondary subject to the view)

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Go to your Custom Group, Navigate to the "Details" -> "Views" and then just select your view and it should give you the results for the members of that group.


If your report already exists go to the "reports" tab on your custom group and run the report you created, also schedule it etc...


Otherwise use custom properties: vRops – suite-api – addProperties | vMan