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VROPS 8 custom report - VDI session duration (urgent help)

Hi all.   I need urgent help.

VROPS 8.    More than 1000 VDI virtualized desktops.


I need to generate a custom MONTHLY report of "VDI session duration" in hours.

EXPECTED results on a PDF for September 2019:

VDI1 = Sep 1st: 5 hours of usage, etc etc. etc. Sep 30th: 8 hours of usage ...... SUM (this month only) = 200.51 hours

VDI2 = Sep 1st: 2 hours of usage, etc etc. etc.  Sep 30th: 4 hours of usage ...... SUM (this month only) = 144.31 hours

VDI3 = Sep 1st: 0 hours of usage, etc.etc. etc.   Sep 30th: 0,34 hours of usage..... .SUM (this month only) = 0,87 hours (very low usage of VDI)


VDI1000 = Sep 1st: 9 hours of usage, etc. Sep 30th: 7,34 hours of usage..... .SUM (this month only) = 250,87 hours (high usage of VDI)

(you get the idea...)

Steps on VROPS:

1. Create new custom report

2. Create new custom view

3. Select date/time range on custom view

4. On this custom view, select "VDI group" object, then add "session duration in hours"....

PROBLEM:  what should I select for this session duration .... should I select "LAST", or "ACTUAL", or "SUM"?

then on advanced.... should I select "1 month" or select "NONE"?

It's NOT working.  The report is generated  (for the complete "VDI environment") but the RESULTS ARE TOTALLY WRONG. I don't know what's happening.

Also, there are more than 1000 VDI, and on the report (for the complete environment) those 1000+ VDI don't appear.... only a few hundred...

I would be grateful if you could create a custom report for this, attach it to this thread (ZIP file) so I could download it and then import it into VROPS...


I can't find the DEFAULT templates on VROPS.   I read somewhere there are default templates installed on VROPS, so you can create a copy and customize it, BUT I can't see those templates here.   Please attach the default templates (ZIP file) so I can import them into VROPS.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

what do you mean session duration? Is that how long a person has been logged into that VDI for?

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