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UPDATED: Enabling alarms for logical drive disk space

Using vROPS 6.01


OK the alarm finally came in but way too late.  Now I have a much more accurate question Smiley Happy

Here's the alert that came in.


A few issues with this alert.  First it fired at 5:03PM and email didn't get sent until 5:19pm.  Perhaps gmail is slow so I'll ignore that for now.

Bigger question is with the guest logical drive above at 94%.  This drive crossed the 90% threshold about 6 hours ago. It seems that the alarm only files if the aggregate metric (Total Guest File System Usage) is over 85.

Question is how do we change this to get ANY drive over 85% getting an alarm versus everything in aggregate.

UPDATE2:  Found this which may provide the answer.

VMware KB: Creating space remaining alerts for the virtual machine guest file systems in the vRealiz...

Will update with results.

UPDATE3:  Several hours after going through the process in the KB no alerts have fired for the new rules.


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So you are correct, it reports the number based on the aggregate of all instances.  This does not work well here because if you have a 20GB OS part that is 99% full and a 2TB data partition that is 10% full.....

The good news is that you can fix this.  The first step is defining your symptom for the trigger.  Read this:


The next step is to edit this to report on instances instead of the aggregate.  Read this:


Not sure why they just can't have an easy button for this but hey, at least they have a way to make it work...

Now as for the timing of events...  Keep in mind you have many areas for timing here.  There are wait states in the symptom, alert, and notification so when you add these all up you get the time it takes for you to get an e-mail on the item.

I hope this helps....



Thanks for the feedback. I neglected to update this post after the weekend, and I did follow the steps in the articles but still not receiving alarms

I'll walk through this again and see if I can figure out where I went wrong.  Thanks!

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