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Show metrics of 2 "linked" subjects in a view

Hi all,

I hope someone can help me with this. I cant find any information in the course material or online.

I want to create a view where in one row metrics are showed from 2 different subjects/object types.

Lets be more precise.

I do use the Citrix Management Pack from Blue Medora. I do have a lot of session related information as metrics for object type "Citrix VDA machine". The "Citrix VDA machine" object does have a property "related virtual machine".

Now I want to show e.g. Average logon duration for all VDA machines in first column and CPU Usage % of virtual machine in second column.

Table view:

VDA machine | VDA machines Average logon time (s) | VMs CPU Usage %

TS01.abc.de | 23,6 s | 30%

(something like in SQL. SELECT vda.name, vda.average_logon, vm.cpu_usage from vda join vm on (vda.virtualmachine_parent = vm.name))

How can I achieve this? In the wizard to create a new view, I can not find anything to link two subjects. I mean, the information needed is available in vROPS.

Or do I have to add custom metrics that are populated by another linked metric? Any chance with super metrics?

Any advice would be nice 🙂



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I don't have that MP but when you create a view you can select multiple subjects (=object types) during step 3. In step 4 you select those subjects and pick the metrics that you need.

You will need to create a dashboard with an object widget that interacts with a view widget (in which you select your newly created view).

See how far that gets you.

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