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Retriveig the Health Badge Metric data of HostSystem resourceKind of vCenter's adapter into the Custom adapter


I am developing the Custom Adapter with the UCS's resource and showing the health and fault badge in the Custom Adapter's dashboard for their resource Kinds.

Now In my Custom dashboard, I have included the Host-System resource kind of vCenter's adapter and defines its metric data value as Green - 100, Yellow - 75, Orange - 50, Red - 25.

For the vCenter:Host System RK, I am using Badge | Health.

Now the issue is that, in UCSM dashboard, we are getting the metric value as (-1) and it showing Health Badge color as "RED", but while comparing the Badge color in vCenter adapter, it is showing CROSS(X){UNKNOWN} in gray color.

Kindly suggest me if any configuration required to archive the similarity among the dashboard view?


Saurabh Agarwal

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