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Notifications in vrops 6

So I have setup a notification that works fine generally however I want to ensure that if the alert in question recovers in a reasonable timeframe that the alert is not sent so I have set Delay to notify to 10 minutes, If I know generate an error condition see the alert appear in vrops then fix the error condition it seems the alert is still sent even though I told it to wait 10 mins (and the recovery is def within 10 mins) Is this a bug or am I missing the point here somewhere. (BTW the alert is coming via a connection to Hyperic which has a collection interval of 5 mins)



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What is you alert/symptom's cancellation interval? If we're talking vCenter adapter, 5min interval, you only have 1 additional data point after the initial firing to cancel it.. otherwise it'll notification out the alert. Try playing with different intervals of delay to notify.. bump it up to 15-20min and set the interval to 0/1 for symptom/alert and see if that addresses it. The cancellation and delay to notify just might be too close for the alert to fully cancel before it get's sent out via notification.

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