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Monitoring multiple processes with the same name

I know we can monitor a single process through the EPOPS agent. But I find myself in a predicament. For an SAP system there are multiple processes with the same name. I need to make sure there are a certain amount of them running. Is this possible through "Monitor Processes" or do I need to create a monitor script?


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To answer your question, yes you technically can, but you may find a monitor script easier (I haven't used one as I'm new to this vROPs stuff).

You'll have to use sigar to see what the agent sees but yes you can technically do it. You can refer to this post here or use my cheatsheet down below.

Trying to monitor Linux OS process / Error: Object is not available

Note that this'll have to be done for each instance of the process you're monitoring and I'm not sure if these Ppid's are permanent.

1. Get the Ppid using sigar (post above)

2. Create a new Monitor OS object > Monitor Processes

3. Create a unique name

4. Replace State.Name.eq= with State.Ppid.eq=

5. Enter the Ppid at the end

6. Adjust collection interval as necessary

7. Wait 5-10 min or so

8. Profit

Sigar Ppid cheatsheet

ps -ef | grep process_name_you_want_to_monitor

                                        #grab the pids

cd AGENT-HOME/bundles/AGENT-VERSION/pdk/lib

java -jar sigar-VERSION-NUMBER.jar

pinfo pid                               #repeat depending on the number of pids

                                        #grab the Ppid for each

I hope this helps.

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