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Metric Charts and Metric Config's

I have created a dashboard with and object picker filtered down to only show VMs. On the same dashboard i have a metric chart that has a providing widget in the interactions section using the object picker. I have created a metric config setup with

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
     <AdapterKind adapterKindKey="VMWARE">
<ResourceKind resourceKindKey="VirtualMachine">
        <Metric attrkey="virtualDisk:scsi0:0|numberReadAveraged_average" />
        <Metric attrkey="virtualDisk:scsi0:0|numberWriteAveraged_average" />
        <Metric attrkey="virtualDisk:scsi0:0|commandsAveraged_average" />
        <Metric attrkey="virtualDisk:scsi0:1|numberReadAveraged_average" />
        <Metric attrkey="virtualDisk:scsi0:1|numbernumberWriteAveraged_average" />
        <Metric attrkey="virtualDisk:scsi0:1|commandsAveraged_average" />
        <Metric attrkey="virtualDisk:scsi0:2|numberReadAveraged_average" />
        <Metric attrkey="virtualDisk:scsi0:2|numbernumberWriteAveraged_average" />
        <Metric attrkey="virtualDisk:scsi0:2|commandsAveraged_average" />

The scsi disk go all the way from 0:0 to 0:10 and then has 1:0 to 1:10 so there are 20 lines in the xml. This metric config is used on the metric chart so that it shows the read, write and total IO for the specific disk. The reason for having so many scsi ids in the config is that not all vms have the same number of disks. This used to work in vrops 5.x and the metrix chart would only show the disks the VM has. Now when i do this in vrops 6.1 it shows all the disks in the metric chart even if they are not present (has no data against scsi0:10) i also get the error in the attachment 1. Attachment 2 shows the metric chart.

Is there a way to fix this or a better way to do it. In short what i am looking to do is select a VM and see the read, write and total IO for each disk in the VM on a metric chart.

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