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Limiting Alerts to a specific time window

Is there a way to specify alerts to only pop-up during a specific time? Or, in other words, can I exclude certain alerts to popup during certain times?

I actually thought this is integrated for sure, but was unable to find it.

A basic example for this feature would be high read/write latency during backup window. In such scenarios, i do not want to get this alerts triggered and as these symptoms only popup during a specific time i would be able to exclude them easily by a setting an exclusion time window.

If there is no way to configure this on alers/symptoms, is it at least somehow possible to configure the (e-mail) notification to not send the alerts?

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There's no scheduling mechanism for this at this point in time. Maybe it is something that you can script yourself by disabling email alerts during a time slot.

VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hey MartinE11,

You should be able to utilize Maintenance Schedules to accomplish this. Essentially, when a machine is in maintenance mode within vROps, it will "disable" alerting for that object. A schedule can be setup to put a machine (or machines) in maintenance mode for as long as you'd like. However, keep in mind we do not collect metrics on these objects while in maintenance mode because we do not want to negatively affect these object's health.

You can read more about the process here - VMware Documentation Library​.