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E-mail alert showing symptom metric value as float instead of text

We have alerts set up on text value custom metrics (possible values for the metric are Running, Stopped, etc.) and in the alert sent by the e-mail notification defined for it (stating the parameter ${SYMPTOMS} in the payload template - yes, we're using vrops 8.6 but the behaviour was already there in 8.2 with the default email templates) the symtoms states the numeric value of the metric instead of the text.


Symptoms -

Symptom Name

Object Name

Object ID


Message Info

ETZ - CM - TrendMicro Apex One Service Warning (status)



CustomMetrics|TrendMicro|Service:Trend Micro Vulnerability Protection Service|Status

241.0 != 255.0

255.0 seems to be the value for Running and 241.0 for Stopped.

Anyone has an idea on how to change this so the actual text values are displayed?

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