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Customize Dashboards Based on Pre Provided Templates

We are new to Vrealize Operations Manager, using version Build 6163035.

I've been asked to create some dashboards for different application groups so the application support team members can login and see dashboards relevant to their teams apps.

All of our server selection for the app groups should be based on VMware Folders.

My idea was I would clone the Operations Overview dashboard and filter based on the server folders for a particular application - but when saving the cloned dashboard, it's not saving the folder preferences so forces the user to then select the folders they want to see or they get presented with the entire environment.

Am I on the right path or is there another way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?


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If I understand correctly each application team needs to have their own relevant dashboard, right?

A high level way to achieve this is by doing the following steps:

1. Create custom groups based on VMware/vCenter folders (these contain the necessary application virtual machines)
2. Create custom dashboards based on the created custom groups and add widgets with interactions to display the necessary within the dashboard.

3. Setup roles and permissions and assign the dashboard to the specific users/groups.

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