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Application Discovery Guidance

Good morning Communities .

I need some vRealize Expert Guidance .

I want to know what the best way would be to identity Applications in my vSphere , and also map out application dependencies .

However , vROPS has undergone so many changes , I am not sure what components i should be using

I currently only have vROPS 7.5 Advanced addition , and doubt i will be able to convince management to buy additional components like network insight .

My original plan is to just just VROPS 7.5 with Service Discovery 2.1 MP with common credentials .

After successful discovery of 90% of my farm , the product was really disappointing . Some Services identified ( small list ) and no relationship data is shown

EG , this Apache web server talks to this Postgres DB back end . It also does not support Guests with multiple IPS , so my Centos nested Docker VMs are ignored .

In short , not as good as the old VIN was .

So from reading KBs and Google I gather the following .

Can you help me identify what you guys have successfully  implemented / tested :

  • Network Insight appears to bring a lot to that relationship questions . However , its a separate product , so need to buy it , and also appears to be heavily focused on

       NSX based infra s. We have old school physical cisco switches and Fiber channel storage , not SDDC .

  • ARC , appears to have replaced VROPS End point operations . However , with only 16 applications covered by VROPS , this simply will not be enough .
  • ARC with Wavefront appears to provide many more applications , but as a basic principle , we would like to keep our data in the DC , not sent external .We also have

       no experience with Warefront , perhaps you can share your experiences . I must mention we are in South Africa , so external bandwidth cost is a factor . Telegraph agents

       would be sending data to "the cloud " so cost implications .

  • Another option i have been playing with is Azure Migrates dependencies , its free and appears to work well . This is however obviously not what the product is designed for

        and feels strange to use Azure for vSphere discovery . Also subject to external bandwidth problem

What are you guys using ?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated , specifically solutions that I have under my currently licensed  vSphere enterprise , and VROPS advanced stack .

Thank you in advance .

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