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Alert not seeing Tag exclusion


I created an alert to show snapshots older than 2 days, but want to exclude some VMs that are used as a Golden Image for VDI. Those VMs have a tag "VM-No-SnapshotWarning". Plus I excluded some clusters. Now, there are still VMs on which the alert is triggered even though they have the tag and vROPs shows the condition has been met. 



And when you look at the VM, it really does have the tag:


The alert definition and tag have been modified over a week now, so there shouldn't be a syncing issue. 

I also have a view build in which I filter based on tags. When building that view, I can select tags instead of just typing the name of a tag as it works in the alert definition. For the VM, the tag is named: [<VM-snapshot-VM-No-SnapshotWarning>]. But when using that notation in the alert, it doesn't work:



So what would be the correct notation in this field?

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