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vRLI 8.10.2 "Cannot approve worker membership" DEPLOYMENT_ERROR

I deploy three identical Log Insight v8.10.2 VMs via ovfTool.

Server1 becomes the "primary" and server2 and server3 join the cluster as workers.

I use the API /v2/deployment/join to join the cluster which is successful.

Then I approve the join using the API /v2/deployment/approve.

Server2 is approved successfully around 75% of the time, and Server3 is successful roughly 25% of the time. Here is the error provided in the response.

{"errorMessage":"Cannot approve worker membership","errorCode":"DEPLOYMENT_ERROR"}

The approvals also fail when using the web interface. Here is the response found in dev tools.

{"errMsg":"Failed to grant the membership to a cluster Request failed.","succ":false,"message":"Worker added successfully"}

The script works 100% of the time with v8.6.2

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