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XAAS file browse button in vra 7.6

I have a vra/vro 7.6 environment.  I have created a VRO workflow that has an input parameter as a mimeattachment. (a CSV file) which contains a list of VM names to take snapshots of. 

I wanted to be able to publish this workflow in VRA as an XAAS blueprint (so i can grant permissions to specific set of users and make it easier for them to navigate vs VRO), which i have done.  but there is no browse button to locate the attachment (which is on the local desktop of the user).

the list of widgets that I can drag to the canvas, do not include a file browser from what I can see.  am I missing something?


I tested this same thing in our VRA 8.x LAB environment and there is also no browse button widget in the list of items in the canvas either, although somehow when I publish the VRO workflow, the browse button magically appears.

where can I find this mystical brose button in vra7.6?  or am I just somehow missing it?

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