windows Update using vRealize Orchestrator

My Team spends hours sitting in front of New Windows Virtual Machines, configuring the IP Address, Installing Windows updates and forcing Group Policies.

What Plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator Can Automate These Tasks?

PS: Just starting with Orchestrator !!! :smileyblush:

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VMware Employee


i don' think there is plug-in to automate all of this, but if you are familiar with Powreshell, you can take advantage of the workflow package mentioned here.

Let’s vROC with vRO! | Spas Kaloferov's Blog

I will be updating this constantly.

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I had the same intention...

My solution was:

- WSUS Configuration per GPO or Registry

- vCO Guest scripts for Update check and installation

Guest script manager package

The main problem is that Windows has no native CLI Commands for Windows Update. So I used a VBS:  Searching, Downloading, and Installing Updates (Windows)

I modified it a little bit... | |
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VMware Employee

HI ,

you have different methods to force update, like:

-     %windir%\system32\wuauclt.exe /detectnow

-     The VBS you found which might be the base for this

-     You can set all update options via GPO's


Spas Kaloferov

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