vcplugin.importOvf() fails with certificate error

OK, took me a while to clue in that vcPlugin.importOvf() only imports ovf, not ova.  File, but how do I import an OVF that is unsigned.  I keep getting a certificate error.  Yes, I am trying to import the vRA Appliance in the below example, but the same thing happens with a VM that I export to OVF form.    I have random appliances coming from users that need to be deployed and I want to automate the process (there is lots of customization to do after the appliance is deployed).  I also want to deploy a vRA lab on-demand.

The OVF used below was created using ovftool to convert from the vRA appliance from OVA to OVF form (which looses the certificate information). 

Most of the Code:


var props = [];

var key = new VcKeyValue();

key.key = "";

key.value = "myvm7306";


var networkMap = [];

var map = new VcOvfNetworkMapping(); = "Network 1"; = vmNetwork;


var path="file:///storage/spool/vRAOVF/VMware-vR-Appliance-";

System.log("Importing: " + path + " to host " + + " as VM " + vmShortName);

vm = VcPlugin.importOvf(path, vcHost, infrastructureFolder, vmShortName, networkMap, vcDS, props);




[2018-07-19 20:24:57.918] [I] Importing: file:///storage/spool/vRAOVF/VMware-vR-Appliance- to host cnpdcesxd1003 as VM myvm7306

[2018-07-19 20:24:59.403] [E] Error in (Workflow:ImportOVF / Import OVF (item1)#49) Certificate is not in CA store.

[2018-07-19 20:24:59.415] [E] Workflow execution stack:


vRO 7.3


Carl L.

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