vRO custom Workflow to provision VMs through vRA to use existing NSX Edge load balance


Any One having any experience to create vRO customize workflow which provision Web servers VMs and add these web servers into existing NSX Edge Load Balancer.

In my environment, we are using vRO/vRA 7.2 and NSX 6.2.4.

Any one having any idea how we can achieve this with vRO or vRA, i head that it can be achieved with customizing vRO workflow, so any idea which workflow is good.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hello there,

Based on the title of this thread, is it safe to assume you have used vRA to deploy a blueprint containing an NSX load balancer that has some web servers sitting behind it? and, you are asking if there is a workflow to add more webservers to the deployment, automatically adding them to the Load Balancer? If so, have a look at this VMware blog post:

How to configure Auto-Scaling for Private Cloud - VMware Cloud Management

While vRA has native capability to Scale-out/Scale-In a deployment, there is not yet a GA capability that allows for auto-scaling. However, using the post above, you can have Orchestrator scale-out your web-tier.

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