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vRO 6 \ vRA 7 - pass html tags from vRO user interation to vRA asd form


I'm trying to pass formatted text from a user interaction in vRO to a manual user interaction form in vRA. By formatting in this case I mean that the text is split into rows. The text string is generated during workflow execution and imported in the user interaction on the fly.

In vRO, this can be accomplished in 2 ways:

1. The attribute value is imported in a the General tab of a Display Group, like this: ${text}. A new line is started each time after the /p tag.

2. The text has to be imported into the presentation as a default value of one of the input parameters. However, this can only be achieved with an action call! When the value is bound directly from the attribute list, no tags are recognized. Also, for a new row, the /n tag has to be used. Another issue is, that the text form is not sized dynamically - each new line is put in the same row.

When the workflow is imported via ASD, executed in vRA and the manual user interaction called, the text imported using the above mentioned methods is changed:

1. The special characters used in tags are translated to xml tags, for example: < becomes &lt; > becomes &gt; etc. I've tried to find a way to put in an escape character, but could not find one

2. Importing the text using the second method is partially successful - the /n tag is recognized, however the text field does not get resized either, so everything is put into one row. This would not be an issue, if the text was i nthe request form - since this can be edited in the ASD. however there is no way to format a manual user interaction form in vRA, since it gets called later during execution.

Any ideas, how I can get formatted text in the vRA form? Thanks in advance...

I've also attached the workflow, if someone want's to try it out.

raw text: TAG TEST <n> n brackets here <b> b brackets here  <p> p brackets here <br> br brackets here \n backslash n here /n slash n here

Some screenshots:

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