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vCloud Instantiate A vApp WorkFlow Blocking Task Does Not Stop On vApp Startup

Hello Everyone,

I am currently building a work flow that I want to call and integrate with blocking tasks. First we call the Instantiate a vApp workflow and then I want a blocking task to happen right right before the vApp stops.  At this point I would expect to see the VMs are cloned and then stop the vapp instantiate. The idea is I want scripts to run prior to the VMs starting so I can modify the disk UUIDs to match the ones from the parents they were cloned from. Once the disk UUIDs have been successfully changed start the vApp and continue as normal.

The start vApp blocking task works fine if I power the vApp on from the vCloud Director interface just not if the vApp is started from instantiate.

Any ideas on why the vApp does not get a blocking task during vApp instantiate? Any ideas on how to accomplish this a different way?



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