vCloud Director Service Builder & the vCloud Director Workflow Run service

vCloud Director Service Builder & the vCloud Director Workflow Run service

vCloud Director Service Builder is a wizard based workflow allowing to create new vCloud Director services and associate their operations to vCenter Orchestrator workflows in a few clicks.

vCloud Director workflow run service allows to manage the workflows life cycle from vCloud Director REST API.

For further information on vCloud Director Service Builder & the vCloud Director Workflow Run service including prerequisite, installation, use, API call examples please check this online presentation.

The AMQP plug-in version required is only here. Previous version of the plug-in will result in failure of the REST API.

Note : The presentation requires your Email, name and organization. This is solely for me to better understand who has interest in this tool and eventually to contact you in case I need further information on your submitted comments. This information will not be used for anything else and not be transmitted.

Disclaimer: These samples workflows are provided AS IS and are not considered production quality and are not officially supported. Use at your own risk. Feel free to modify and expand and share your contributions.


The package was updated to fix various issues that could cause the workflows to fail.

Another bug fix update.

This seems pretty cool!  I actually have some time to check it out this week I think.  Thanks for the post!

I am having issues getting the amqp plugin to download.  It is moving in a byte or two a second.  Can you check on your end?

No problem to download from here, it downloads at my maximum (low) speed (500 KB/s).

Updated to fix bug where the Workflow run service would not accept url finishing by /

Also fixed possible issue with input validation

The online presentation at SlideRocket is no longer working since that company seems to have been acquired by ClearSlide. Can the presentation be provided by another means since I'm keen to see it?

Not sure what is happening for you gdhzen, I just clicked the link and was asked for my e-mail and organization.. after entering those, I was able to see the presentation just fine... Perhaps you need to clear cache or change browser.

Hi Burke,

Yes I was asked to log in, however I have never used SlideRocket before and the 'register new account' process fails with this message:

Thanks for your interest in SlideRocket. We're no longer accepting new signups as we transition to ClearSlide. However, if you believe you have an account and need help, click here.

you do NOT need to login - just enter Email and Organization as shown in this screenshot:

Disregard the "Login" button/link at the top of the page - it is NOT required for viewing the presentation.

*blush* it just shows how conditioned I have become to 'log in or register' - thanks - I'm able to view it now Smiley Happy

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