vCO - get ESX SSL thumbprint

vCO - get ESX SSL thumbprint

Without having the SSL thumbprint of an ESX host, it is hard to add a ESX host.

Here a simplyfied script to retrieve the SSL thumbprint:


This skript returns the SSL thumbprint for further use, e.g add host to cluster.

It is only a simple example, but essential for automation host tasks.

To add a host to a cluster without having SSL thumbprint you can use a modified version of "Add host to cluster":

add host to cluster SSL.PNG

or import the package below wich contains the modified workflow.

Fell free to leave comments.

Regards, Andreas


It works perfectly!

Thank  you for this development, it allows me to migrate my hosts from my old  vCenter (2.5) to my new vCenter (4.1) in a fully automated way.


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