vCO 5.5.2 - refresh vCenter Plugin session cache (running objects \ inventory cache)

I have a medium environment of a few vCenters, each with about 150 hosts and 1500 vms.

In the vCO Client, when browsing through the vCenter Plugins inventory, the first time the inventory is loaded can take an extremely long time, for example when a Datacenter -> Cluster -> Host list is read. Workflows which have to do a manipulation of multiple vSphere objects also have an extremely long run time when started the first time after the vCO appliance is rebooted or after not being run for a day.

I understand the vCenter Plugin uses a cache where all active inventory objects are stored, so that during concurrent workflow runs the inventory does not have to be queried.

Is it possible to reduce the time, after which this cache is flushed? Or can it be refreshed every few hours, for example by running a simple scheduled workflow:



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