vCAC / vRA Custom Property Toolkit for vCO / vRO

vCAC / vRA Custom Property Toolkit for vCO / vRO

This Orchestrator package aims to include workflows to Create/Read/Update/Delete vCAC custom properties on more than just VirtualMachine objects.

It is dependent on the vCAC IaaS Plugin for Orchestrator.

So far it has workflows for manipulating properties on Blueprint, Build Profiles, Management Endpoints, Property Sets, Property Dictionary Definitions/Attributes and Business Group (vRA 6.x) / Provisioning Group (vCAC 5.x):


USAGE Examples:

Dynamically updated request forms example with vRA, vRO and Chef |

VMware Cloud Adapter | DDI (Secure DNS, DHCP, and IPAM) | Infoblox


  • 9/3/2015:
    • Fixed: Blueprints/Toggle Build Profile on Blueprint
    • Added: Build Profile/Update Build Profile Details. Allows you to rename a build profile, update description.
    • Added: Business Groups/Get All Values of Business Group Custom Property
  • 7/2/2015:
    • Added Apply to Existing VMs functionality option for workflows:
      • Blueprints
        • Create / Update property on Blueprint
        • Delete property from Blueprint
        • Import Blueprint Properties From Property Set XML
        • Toggle Build Profile on Blueprint.  (Can be rerun to apply a modified build profile to VMs.)
    • Fixed presentation defect in Blueprints/Import Blueprint Properties From Property Set XML
    • Added action addUpdateManyPropertyFromVirtualMachineEntity which will add/update many properties in a more efficient manner.
      • Fixed return of action to be an array of vCAC:Entity in com.vmware.pso.vcac.proptoolkit.20150702_1.package
  • 12/7/2014:
    • Added workflows:
      • Find Blueprint by Property
      • Find Business Groups by Property
      • Find Virtual Machines by Property
  • 8/26/2014:
    • Added workflows:
      • For Blueprint properties
      • Apply Build Profile to Existing Virtual Machine
      • Get Properties of Disposed Virtual Machines
      • Add/Remove item for ValueList attributes of DropDown Property Definitions.
      • Get All Property Definition Attribute Entities
      • Preliminary Property Dictionary Layout workflows.
      • Parse Property Set XML
    • Fixed workflows:
      • Create Build Profile From Property Set XML - Fixed handling of strings that contain a "#" character.
      • Fixed error handling for Get Property Definition Attribute Entity when multiple attributes have the same name.
  • 7/2/2014:
    • Added Workflows:
      • Build Profiles\Delete Many Build Profiles
      • Business Groups\Copy Business Group Properties
      • Property Dictionary\Copy Property Definition
      • Endpoints\Copy Endpoint Properties
      • Endpoints\Create / Update Property on Endpoint
      • Endpoints\Delete Property from Endpoint
      • Endpoints\Export Endpoint Properties as Property Set XML
      • Endpoints\Import Endpoint Properties From Property Set XML
    • Added description output to workflows:
      • Build Profiles\Get Build Profile Entity
      • Build Profiles\Export Build Profile as Property Set XML
    • Added attributeNames and controlTypeName outputs to workflow:
      • Property Dictionary\Get Property Definition Entity
    • Added sameAsSource boolean input to Copy Build Profile and Copy Property Definition workflows. This will make authoring workflows easier for managing many Build Profiles or Property Definitions when you just need to copy the object exactly between different vCAC hosts.
  • 5/23/2014:
    • Added workflows to create / update / delete Property Definitions in the Property Dictionary
    • Added workflows to create / update / delete Property Attributes in Property Definitions

basically, the XML output is not coming to use it for import.

I am using the com.vmware.pso.vcac.proptoolkit.20150903.package

My apologies, that particular workflow did not have the log statement on it.  The XML is accurate though for an endpoint that does not have any custom properties on it.  The workflow isn't to export the endpoint entity but the custom properties defined on the endpoint.

Which custom properties were you expecting to find on your endpoint?

I confirmed this workflow still works with vRA 7.

This link is broken for me.  Can someone verify it is still valid?

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