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_leaseDays' field must be INTEGER , Getting Error while Provisioning

I have one base blue print where i put lease time Min- 20 Days ---- Max 365 Days

I have another XAAS blueprint  which call Base blurpint . We are passing a exipre day for 30 days for that VM.

If i run XAAS blueprint where base blueprint does not have any  max lease days define -- It got success

If run only base blueprint with Set Lease Days --- No Error  -- Success

If i run XAAS blueprint with set 1month exp date where in base blueprint have min (20 day to 365 Days Max )   -   getting  Failed

and getting below error .

_leaseDays' field must be INTEGER

Variable input in vRO logs

"PpS.CategoryTag.VMTag.AppID": "ACDS",

  "0.XXX.request.appid": "ACDS",

  "PpS.CategoryTag.VMTag.PARID": "TEST",

  "0.XXX.request.app.select": "\"EFT Generator",

   "_leaseDays": 30



  "_archiveDays": 1,

  "_deploymentName": "TEST",

  "_leaseDays": 10,

  "_number_of_instances": 1

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I'm not sure I understand well what's happened, because your log is really small...

But, you put two _leaseDays values in bold, one at the end, an other seems to be inside an object.

From my experience, it's only the last one (at the root level), that will be used. And this one is 10, instead of 20 (that's the minimum).

Is it normal ?

Else, could you send the full json.


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