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Withdraw / Download vRealize Orchestrator Workflows via shell


First time writing here!

I was doing an upgrade to a VMware vRealize Orchestrator from 8.4.2 to 8.7 and it failed.

It said:

"Upgrade failed and left the system in non-working state. Check the error report below to correct the problem. Once addressed, you can continue the upgrade by running 'vracli upgrade exec --resume'"


I ran "vracli upgrade exec --resume" but it said that couldn’t resume in this state...

Then I opened a support case via a vendor because my licenses are bought via that vendor, and that vendor is the one who has to open the case in VMware, VMware says that my license has no entitlement, and now this subject is in the contracts teams between my company, that vendor and VMware. And my customer is down.

So what I'm asking is, there is any possibility to withdraw the workflows via shell, so I can redeploy a vRealize Orchestrator and put the costumer up again?

By the way, my costumer has VMware vCenter Server 6 Standard licenses.


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