When is the right time to call getOperations on CatalogResource

Hi All,

I have a workflow that calls VCAC blueprint to provision  VM. It waits till VM is provisioned( waits till TriggerForCatalogItemRequest is triggered) and then calls vim3WaitToolsStart action. It then needs to take "Reconfigure" action on the catalogResource i.e. VM. To get "Reconfigure" action it calls catalogResource.getOperations(). It has worked many times and fails sometimes. catalogResource.getOperations() throws "TypeError: Cannot find function getOperations in object notfound" i.e it does not even find getOperations function. I am surprised it works many times and fails few times. Sometimes getOperations returns only few operations out of 11 operations and that does not have "Reconfigure" action. It looks like VM in IaaS is not completely built as per IaaS server. Is "vim3WaitToolsStart" correct action to call before calling getOperations on catalog resource?

Any help appreciated.

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