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VRO 8.1 not working after applying patch1 ...


My vRO 8.1 has fallen after the application of the patch1 ( Build 16419934) The upgrade result was successful however, the webpage https://VCONAME/vco/ is blank "unable to connect".

Despite a full reboot of the appliance, the result is the same. I ran with command to help but they look not good I think I don't remember have a "no resources found" with that command.

If you plan to update with the patch, be warned.

kubectl -n prelude get pods
No resources found.

I can't figure out what to do next.

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Hello, sorry for the double post. I did received a timeout when I first posted my message, and after the refresh, it was posted twice. I think everybody had experienced this once in their "life" 🙂

anyway, I figured out a way out ...

BE CAREFUL, if you run into production, I would advice you to contact vmware support first and see with them what to do.

In my case, I had nothing to loose than my personal 2 weeks of develop workflow. So I didn't want to bother with support.


SSH to VRO appliance

/opt/scripts/deploy.sh --onlyClean


Poweroff the System

Take a snapshot (haha...yes I know ... should have done this from the very very beginning but in test environment, I though it was save lol)

Power on vm


It will reinstall all the components of your vco servers.

I didn't loose anything obviously (workflows, actions, powershell hosts, all runs), and vco-servicecontrol worked again. I am not sure now that the version I see in "5480 - Build 16419934" matches the version in the orchestrator client "vRealize Orchestrator 8.1.0 (16376637)" but I will have a look later on this.


I will commit the change and try to run a builtin workflow. If it works, then maybe the update did pass.

If I can help someone in the world , happy to serve 🙂

This thread can be closed also

kind regards

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