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[VRO 7.5] Firewall rules on Edge gateway (advanced) are deleted after a call to update() function

Hello to the community,

i am working with VRO 7.5 and vcloud plugin 9.5. We are creating edge gateway mode advanced and add it some firewall rules on it.

Everything is going fine but when we are using the vro method vclGateway.update(); to the gateway with firewall rules then firewall rules are no more correct.

  • To reproducde the issue :

1. Create firewall rule on a advanced edge gateway (using vro or vcloud). put 2 IPs on the source for example.


2. Execute the VRO method gateway.update(); on a dedicated workflow.

3. Return to vcd portal to check firewall rules ==> there is now only 1 line. An IP has disappeared.

if any of you can help me to understand what is buggy in the VRO application workflows, i will appreciate. It will help me to create a ticket to support i will appreciate.

PS : the vcd network rest api contains the correct value so as a workaround we will use REST API but we would like to use VRO itself.

best regards,


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