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VCO & Powershell Best Practice?

Hi all, apologies if this question has been asked before...

I've been working with VCO 5.5 and Powershell for some time and as my script is developing/maturing I'm struggling a little to keep the workflow organised. Up until now I have been using a Scriptable task to gather my Inputs & Attributes and then outputting them as variables into an Invoke an external script - which calls my predefined powershell script.

This seems to work okay but now my powershell script is massive and if it fails I struggle to error check - and then getting output from the powershell script back into VCO is proving difficult. For example if I provision a VM I need to then get the MAC address of it and pass it into another workflow...

There just seems to be many ways to do this, and I can't find a resource which details a sort of best practice...I'd be interested to get feedback on whether there's a better way...

Thanks in advance.

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