Using eDir as your authentication source

I have been struggling trying to somehow get AD to work as our authentication source.  It seems like it  should work with our global catalog and I have a case open with VMware to try and resolve this.  In the mean time I have tried to get it to work with both eDir and Sun Java directories and neither of those seems to be working either.  The users are in a single ou in the case of these directories but for some reason the configuration is not working.  Our admin did some traces for me and sees the request come in when I try to save the configuration but it errors out at some point with "Search size limit exceeded".  This is a snippet from the trace:

Sending search result entry "uid=test,ou=test,o=test" to connection 0xfffffffff816bc00^[[0;0m
Search size limit exceeded^[[0;0m
Sending operation result 4:"":"" to connection 0xfffffffff816bc00^[[0;0m
DoBind on connection 0xfffffffff816bc00^[[0;0m

Could this be a result as to the size of our directory?  Regardless the search should only be returning a single record unless the client does something silly like return all the objects in the ou then filter them.

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