Upgrading VRO appliance from version 7.4

Hi There, I am using two vro nodes running with version 7.4 and it looks like VMware only provided the workarounds for the new Apache log4j vulnerability for version 7.6 and 8.x series.

I am planning to upgrade my vro to version 7.6 but it looks like 7.6 going to be out of support soon and also could not find any iso or avo file to download for it.

Now planning to upgrade to 8.4.2. I wanted to know if a 7.4 to 8.4 upgrade is possible?

Can I do the upgrade via the ISO image file option or only a migration option is possible?

As upgrade through VAMI looks not supported for version 7.4.

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We did the upgrade this way: Migrate vRO to 7.6 but preserve IP/Hostname - VMware Technology Network VMTN

Also worked from 7.x to 8.x.


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