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Type name problem


When creating the workflow, it adds an "action element". It gives it actions, e.g. createAdminOrgParams, thanks to which I have some input data that I can use. I create a variable for the name from this level.


The variable that is created in the previous step appears where type is an upper letter.


In Input form, it is not possible to enter text after adding a field.


When you change the variable type from upper case to lower case, the variable disappears from configuration „action element”


In case the variable type is a capital letter, the workflow does not work. In case the variable type is lowercase, it is not visible in the element configuration.

pastedImage_4.pngSomebody has known where is the problem?

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To me it seems you are experiencing two issues:

1. The type "String" (with capital S) is not recognized as text but as a reference type, that's why it appears with display type "Value picker".

2. Types "String" and "string" are not treated as the same thing so when you set the type of your variable to "string" you can't pass it to and action that requires type "String".

I would recommend that you change the type of the action input to "string" if possible.

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