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The first 'for each' element in a complex workflow does not get triggered in vRO 7.2.0 after repeated execution of workflow


Our team is developing a vRO plugin using vRO version 7.2.0 for one of our projects.

There is a complex workflow having multiple custom decisions and a subworkflow to handle error scenarios (which also has multiple custom decisions). What we have observed is that after certain number of execution cycles of that workflow, the workflow stops triggereing the first custom decision (for each element) of the subworkflow which is handling the error scenario.

This happens randomly, say after 20 or 30 execution cycles. But once it starts, it continues to happen. We have not been able to identify any specific reason for this.


Can anybody throw some light on this? What could be possible cause and workarounds that can be tried here? any help here iwll be appreciated.



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