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Template or Snapshot

So new to orchestrator and trying to work out the capabilities and the best way to design a new solution.

I have a solution with includes a multiple pairs of servers consisting a DB and App element. These need to be rolled back each time after testing, obvious way would be to snapshot and revert however would prefer to be a bit clever, and also may need to introduce a new pair of servers with new names.

Looking at Orchestrator it seems that i can complete this with

Clone and rename of a VM template

Add to domain

Pass parameter to a MSI installer to install the software (Not sure on this part)

Is this possible and am i right in thinking that its quite possible to pass parameters around internally, and this would be easy enough to setup

I am basically thinking a nice button or start task that prompts for the ServerPair name ie PAIR6 that then builds both servers and installs the software

Would i also be able to do a account delete in AD prior to build incase the machine names exist already?

Thanks for any advice

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Yes, in principle this is all possible.

For the MSI installer, take a look at the Guest Script Manager package. It's really useful in calling powershell/batch/bash scripts on the VM in question, with variables passed in from the vRO workflow.


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