Technical preview of VMware vRealize Orchestrator HTTP-REST plugin version 2.3.X

Technical preview of VMware vRealize Orchestrator HTTP-REST plugin version 2.3.X


Up to 2.3.2-12839244

  • Fix for configuration synchronizations for clustered vRO deployments
  • Log instrumentation
  • Fix of vRO scripting types literals (the type names was generated with proper capitalization)
  • Fix REST host auto redirect feature persistence of REST Hosts
  • -Fix of “newHostFromThis” of the REST Host type
  • Adding support of HTTP parallel request by feature of the REST Host
  • Fixing the actions getSupportedAcceptHeaderMediaTypes and getDefaultContentType
  • Reduced plugin size
  • Removed the exposed scripting methods that were exact duplicates of the exposed scripting attributes, attributes marked as read-only
  • New methods for cookies management on RESTHost: getCookies(), clearCookies(), clearExpired(date)


  • Added ability to create request operation with specified connection/operation timeout periods
  • Fixed an issue where the api for creating workflows was producing flawed workflows
  • Fixed an issue where vCloud Authentication loginUrl breaks the host url


  • Fixed an issue where the host would become invalid if the private key alias contained spaces.
  • Fixed issues with updating/removing invalid hosts.


  • Added persistence of the "Support for parallel request executions" property

The plugin build could be found at the attached file.


What versions of vRO is this compatible with?

Could it be that there is an issue with createTransientHostFrom in Debug runs as opposed to regular workflow runs?

// create temporary host from RestHostManager

var restHost = RESTHostManager.createHost(fqdn);

// create the temporary RESTHost Object

var transientRESTHost = RESTHostManager.createTransientHostFrom(restHost);

if I work wih transientRESTHost then, I can use the object when doing a regular workflow "Run", but it seems like when I use "Debug" instead, the object is never created.

in 2.3.7 (vRO8) RESTResponse.getHeaderValues("Set-Cookie") does not work anymore, only RESTHost.getCookies()

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