Technical Preview of VMware vCenter Orchestrator Plug-In for vCloud Director 5.1 for VMware vCenter Orchestrator 5.5

Technical Preview of VMware vCenter Orchestrator Plug-In for vCloud Director 5.1 for VMware vCenter Orchestrator 5.5

Technical Preview of VMware vCenter Orchestrator Plug-In for vCloud Director 5.1 for VMware vCenter Orchestrator 5.5

Below is a list of the bug fixes in the plug-in.

   1.  Fixed an issue for compatibility with JRE version 1.7 used by VMware vCenter Orchestrator 5.5. (available since build 559)

   2.  Added a listing for EdgeGateways as vDataCenters child node within the vCenter Orchestrator Inventory tree. (available since build 560)

   3.  Fixed the performance of searching vCloudDirector entities from a workflow presentation, when selecting model is "as list". (available since build 562)

        The issue was a slow performance on searching entities "as list" from the workflow presentations view.

        It's fixed by integrating the vCloudDirector query service API, within the plug-in entity search mechanism.

   4.  Added new VclFilter constructor that uses additional parameter for the array_type we are passing to it. (available since build 572)

   5.  Fixed caching issues (available since build 576)

       The issue is easily recognizable and resulting with the following error:

       "ERROR [VCloudPluginFactory] The {cache_id} Cache is not alive. java.lang.IllegalStateException: The {cache_id} Cache is not alive."

   6.  Fixed endless workflow run on 5.5.1 vCO (available since build 594)

       The issue is easily recognizable and it's present when a workflow containing "Wait for task" is running endlessly even if the task in vCloudDirector is already completed.

   7.  Fixed Authentication error race condition (available since build 598)

       The issue is occurring when running multiple concurrent workflows are calling "VCloudHost.updateInternalState()" and/or "VCloudHostManager.removeHosts()" scripting API

       It's resulting with the following error:

       "Task https://{ip}/api/task/{task_id} NOT found for {user}@{organization}. Access is forbidden (Workflow:{workflow_name})"

   8.  Fixed Cache configuration failure with "null" (available since build 606)

        It's resulting with the following error:

    "ERROR VCloudHost:342 - Error configuring from null. Initial cause was null

     net.sf.ehcache.CacheException: Error configuring from null. Initial cause was null"

Please note, that the attached plug-in is QE verified, but still not a final version.

The plug-in is now officially released and available at


Is there an updated version of this pre release?  I have just installed this and I am running through some tests and all of my queries using the vcloud query service are breaking.  I am loading up an array with expressions then passing the array into a filter object and the following error is being generated in my 5.5 instance.  The works fine in vCO 5.1 + vCD 5.1 plugin.

Cannot convert org.mozilla.javascript.NativeArray@5b5c7f6d to com.vmware.vmo.plugin.vcloud.model.query.Filter[] (Dynamic Script Module name : QCvclqueryByNameConvertToProperties#18).

I basically load up the array with one or more VclExpression types and when I set a filter like so the above error is generated.

var filter = new VclFilter(expressions,VclFilterType.AND);

Here is a code snippet:

var queryService = System.getModule("com.vmware.library.vCloud.Query").getQueryService(vcdHost);

var expressions = new Array();

var expression1 = new VclExpression(VclQueryAdminVAppTemplateField.NAME, itemName , VclExpressionType.EQUALS);


if (goldMaster) {

  var expression2 = new VclExpression(VclQueryAdminVAppTemplateField.ISGOLDMASTER, true , VclExpressionType.EQUALS);



if (matchCatalog) {

  var expression3 = new VclExpression(VclQueryAdminVAppTemplateField.CATALOGNAME, catalogName , VclExpressionType.EQUALS);



if (published) {

  var expression4 = new VclExpression(VclQueryAdminVAppTemplateField.ISPUBLISHED, true , VclExpressionType.EQUALS);



// Error happens here!

var filter = new VclFilter(expressions,VclFilterType.AND);

var params = new VclQueryParams();


Please use the newer plug-in build 564 and when creating the VclFilter use the new constructor - VclFilter(String, Object[], VclFilterType).

For your snippet that would be:

VclFilter("expression", expressions, VclFilterType.AND);


Thanks I'll give it a shot!

I just tried this and it is completely blowing up.  I can't get any query to work with any format.  I tried the method that was previously working:

var filter = new VclFilter(filters,VclFilterType.AND);

which blows up and logs this error in the console "[2014-01-06 18:09:24.117] [I] Workflow:Broken vcloud query service / QCbrokenQueryService (item2) : java.lang.NullPointerException"

Then I tried setting the filter like so:

var filter = new VclFilter("filter",filters,VclFilterType.AND);

and it logged the same error as above

When I tried with an array of expressions:

var filter = new VclFilter("expression",expressions,VclFilterType.AND);

no error was logged but the process still failed and when I look in the log file itself I see the same error.

When I have this version of the plugin (564) installed it seems to break the vCAC 6.0 plugin.  I keep getting java.lang.null.pointer errors.  If I uninstall the plugin those go away.

Try the 567 build.

Well... I got frustrated enough that we have now upgraded to 5.5 so we have vCO 5.5 + the vCD 5.5 plugin now and that seems to be devoid of the issue.  I have also modified all of our queries to use the new parameter that specifies the type of array being passed in.  Thanks though as I am sure other folk will need these fixes.  Unfortunately I cannot test this.

Well, 567 got me past the problem I was having with 560 (Vdc.parent was returning undefined... no property 'parent' on VclVdc)

But now I'm getting an error on this:


Server error : ch.dunes.model.sdk.SDKFinderException: Unable to execute 'fetchAll' for type : Host : java.lang.NullPointerException

So the question is...

Will the Plugin for vCD5.1 for VCO5.5 ever be officially released?

Or am I better off doing like @qc4vmware and just upgrading my VCD to 5.5?

If I were you I would do the upgrade.  It is very straight forward and the new vCO features are so worth it.  I will warn you though that the vCO is a bit more complicated.  Post upgrading vCO I had to manually re-install a couple of the plugins or at least one that I remember (soap and vCloud Director).  Seems like there was another but just be aware of that.  We also ended up needing to modify several of the workflows.  I can't remember all of the issues we hit but they were minor tweaks.  I think a few things changed in the vCD plugin and we also hit a but of some sort with the updated javascript engine.  On a few of our actions we started seeing the string objects lose their type when passed from one action or scriptable task to the next.  I have another thread in here on this specifically and I was told it has to do with the way string concatenation is handled.  The fix was to simply set the variable to variable.valueOf(); after completing the concatenation.  We have a ton of workflows and this only surfaced in a couple of them but it will drive you crazy trying to debug it.

when you upgraded how much did you need to upgrade? I have various statements from various vm reps stating that upgrading VCO requires you do the entire stack.

others say upgrading just VCO is acceptable. I understand SSO has changed considerably will the 5.5 vco operating on a 5.1 SSO?

so many questions I haven't even bothered to investigate, but the amount of issues with 5.1 stability I am leaning towards biting the bullet and attempting the ugprade.

I only upgraded vCO and the plugins initially.  We have since upgraded the rest of the environment to 5.5  .  We have yet to point either vCO or vCD at SSO since the 5.1 era was so rough so I can't tell you what you might run into with that.

Is this build compatible with VCO 5.1.2?

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