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Still some Orchestrator problems - Horizon View Pod + Registering with vCenter


I'm testing two setups:

  1. vCenter Orchestrator 5.5 installed on the vCenter Server machine.
  2. vRO 6 appliance

I'm having two problems with the appliance (vRO), one of which I also have with the windows installation of Orchestrator which is installed on the same machine as vCenter Server is (vCO)

Problem A ( this problem occurs with both versions of Orchestrator 😞

  • When I run the workflow "Add View Pod in Configuration" it is only successful when I put our top level address in. We have a cluster of a few connection servers behind a load-balancer. But when I enter our top level address and not the address of a particular connection server, and then try to run any workflow for example 'Session Management", it asks for the Horizon View Pod (which is entered manually) but when I do that, the "Desktop Pool ID" drop down list is empty.
    • I was thinking that I may have to enter the direct address of one of the connection servers when I add the View Pod, but when I do that I get the following error: "[2015-11-08 15:58:06.688] [I] Connection Server + con1.xy.com is not trusted! (Workflow:Add View Pod In Configuration / get connection servers (item10)#2)". It does asked me if I want to trust the cert when running the workflow "The certificate belongs to a different site, which could indicate identity theft" -> "import cert anyways" YES. I have imported all certs I could think of manually to no avail.

Any ideas for problem A?

Problem B (this only occurs on the appliance, Windows installation worked fine)

  • The Orchestrator Appliance does not show up in the vSphere Web Client as managed server. The Windows based vCenter Orchestrator does schow up though.
  • When I run workflow "Register vCenter Orch as a vCenter extension" I get error: " [2015-11-08 16:04:35.460] [I] A specified parameter was not correct. extension.key (Workflow:Register vCenter Orchestrator as a vCenter Server extension / Register extension (item1)#10198)"
    • This worked without any problems on the Windows installation of vCenter Orchestrator.
    • I checked ..../mob extension and I do see the vCenter based vco and the vro extensions in there

I have googled and tried all recommended solutions.... no luck.

Some suggestion I've already gone through:

Unable to register Orchestrator as VCenter Server extension

VMware KB: VMware vSphere Web Client reports the number of VMware vRealize Orchestrator servers as z...


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I have resolved Problem B by just not using the appliance. The appliance appears to be a pain to deal with.

Now with the Windows version of Orchestrator everything, but the Horizon View part, works just fine.

So Problem A still exists. Can't add the Hirozon View Pod to Orchestrator.

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