Resolving error LCMPSPACKDOWNLOAD16005 (update Pspack )

Hi all,


I posted a thread about my VRA 8.4.2 installation issues.

One of them was when I tried to update the support pack with the following error:

Failed to download product support pack. Please check logs for more detail.
Pspack does not exist


So after a lot of researching I found the solution for it, this is the steps:

1. download manually the support pack from the VMware download portal, the name of the file should by "vrlcm-8.4.1-PSPACK2.pspak"

2. go to - settings > Product Support Pack > Uplaod , now wait till the file will be upload successfully.

3. Go back to the failed request and retry - now it is should have work.


Daniel Mandelblat.

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