Question about Exporting Host Profiles in vRA

Good Afternoon,

I am looking to use a workflow to export our Host Profiles and I am having an issue with some of it.

I can connect to the vcenter I want, I can list all host profiles, I can also select the profile I want and use that a a variable.  The issue I am having is that when I go to export the file, it is showing complete, but the file is no where to be found.

I am trying to store it on the server itself, and then use the workflow to move it from VCO to a guest system.

When I run it locally, it works great, because I can specify the -filepath as the C:\ or whatever I want.

Using vRO, when I write Host to get the host name that I am running the commands from, it is being ran from a container inside or vRA.


Can anyone assist me on how I can determine a proper file path to export the host profile?



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