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Passing contextual host to PowerCLI Script

Ok, rather than myself beating my head around this for days I thought I would ask all of the experts here.

Very new to Orchestrator - what I'm looking to do is integrate some of my PowerCLI scripts into Orchestrator in order to be able to execute them from within the new web client....

I can create a workflow that runs an external script on a powershell host - works great!  I can integrate this into the web client and run it that way as well, works great again...

What I want to do however is create an input parameter and setup presentation as show in inventory (this will give me the contextual reference inside the web client)  - I've done this, but how do I get the host information that I have right clicked on and pass that as an argument to my powercli script?

Long winded for such a short question I know...


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